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Awards & Congratulations

 Horton Farm's awards standings as of March 22nd, 2010

  To date Horton Farm has accumulated over 300 placings!

 7 Top 10 in the World Placings with the WCMHR

 4 High Point and 2 Reserve High Point in show Championships

 4 Best In Show

 6 Year End High Point Awards

 8 Year End Reserve High Point Awards

 67 Firsts, 83 Seconds, 55 Thirds, 45 Fourths, 33 Fifths, and 20 Sixths! 

Congratulations to Archer & Buddy - Grand Champion Pony at the 2015 Cape Fear & Expo!!!

2009 CCHA Awards Banquet - Horton Farm & it residents placed well with 1 Highpoint Overall & 3 Reserve Highpoint Overall awards:

Champion - Sarah Schwenzer & ODF Totally Stacked - High Point Hunter in Hand Mares

Reserve Champion - Dr Johanna Burnette & Sollis Rocket - RHP Most Colorful Hunter in Hand

Reserve Champion - Jewell Horton and HF Stole Your Spot - RHP in Mini Stallions/Geldings; RHP 2 & under at Halter (all breeds) -

HF Stole Your Spot only showed at one show for the 2009 CCHA show season


2009 Cape Fear Fair & Expo


Best in Show - Hugh Horton and his Mandarin Wood Ducks!!!

1st place - Jewell Horton & Go To Skip - Appaloosa Geldings 2 & over

1st Place Johanna Burnette & So Dan Pretentious - Appaloosa Mares 2 & over

3rd place - Jewell Horton & Gypsy - Mini Mares 2 & over

1st Place & 2nd place - Hugh Horton with his Candain Geese (2 pairs)

1st Place - Hugh Horton with his Mandarin Wood Ducks


Congratulations to Horton Farm on their success at the 2008 Cape Fear Fair & Expo!  3 Best in Show placings, 13 First placings, & 6 Second placings in the Livestock Division.


  Best In Show: Bull - Moo Moo, Boar - Porkchop &  Wild Game Bird - Madarin Drake!

Our First Place Winners: Moo Moo (Bull 6mo and under), Indy (Mini Stallions), Blondie (2 and under Minis), Gypsy (2 & Over Mini Mares), Porkchop (Boars), Barred Rock Hen & Rooster (Barred Rock Division), Wood Duck Hen & Drake (Wood Duck Division), Mandarin Hen & Drake (Mandarin Division), Mallard Hen & Drake (Mallard Division)

Our Second Place Winners: Cochin Hen & Rooster (Cochin Division), Mallard Hen & Drake (Mallard Division), Hammy (Boar), Katrina (2 & Over Mini Mare Division)


In the photography division - Jewell got two 2nd's & two 3rd's!


We had alot of fun and can't wait until next year!


Congratulations to Dr Johanna Burnette & Sollis Rocket on thier first shows together in fall 2008!

Lake Waccamaw -  1st Stallions, 4th Most Colorful

CCHA - 1st Stallions, 2nd Most Colorful, 4th Best Turnout!

April 4th 2009 - CCHA Show (Rocket's first show under saddle and in english!)

Thanks to Sarah Schwenzer for her assistance with Rocket's "Hunter Debut"




Congratulations to Sarah Schwenzer & ODF Totally Stacked on thier first show together.  CCHA April 4th 2009.

1st Place in Hunter in Hand Mares - Sarah's first "Halter Class"



Congratulations to Jewell Horton & Sweetwaters Wizard of Oz at the 2007 WCMHR World Show for thier 3 Top 5 Placings (2 thirds and a fifth)

"Snowball" came straight out of the broodmare pasture for this show (he was a little overweight).















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