Horton Farm, Watha NC 

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Quotes thanks for making my mom happy, vary hard to fine people who tell truth and take care of there horses so well, he came in great health, thanks orleines daughter , renee Quotes

Quotes Dear Hugh & Jewell, Joe and I want to thank both of you for taking such good care of Missy & Autumn over the years. I was glad that we found you and that the girls were so happy at your farm. I know they were both very content with there surroundings and also enjoyed their barn buddies. I still can't believe they are gone after all these years! Thanks again for taking such good care of our girls - they were very happy and content with you in thier final years. Quotes
Joe & Doris P. - NC
(Excerpt from a letter)

Quotes Dear Jewell, your name becomes you. Thank you so much for finding homes for the horses. It seem miraculous that you were able to place Lucky & Silhouette together, bless the woman who took them. I am overjoyed at Katrina's placement and pray that Gypsy can join her. I am sorry it has taken me so long to thank you. You are a beautiful person who truely cares & acts to help others - both human & animal. If you ever need anything please feel free to call me. I consider you a special friend and an angel of rescue. Thank you to you both for caring for the horses. Quotes
R.S. - Potomac MD
(Excerpt from a letter)