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HEART - Horton Farm Emergency Animal Response Team

This is a private rescue for disaster relief for animals & local equine rescue. THIS IS NOT A 501c3!!! All contributions are to a private party that uses it towards the care of animals & the training of their handlers.  We have seen first hand the devastation that animals endure from our negligence and natural disasters. Having assisted in animal relief after Hurricanes Floyd, Charlie, & Katrina; or volunteers have seen first hand what animals endure along with their human counterparts. We have also assisted with local equine rescue phenoms such as Sundance & Lacey, both which resided at Horton Farm during portions of their recovery.


King February 2007


 <-- Lacey (day 1) July 2006

This is only a handful of the horses that we have seen in the past few years.  With the economy in the bind it's in, this problem is only getting worse. DO NOT TRY AND INTERFEAR WITH HORSE ABUSE! Call your local sheriff’s department, local animal control or veterinary hospital.  If these horses are not removed in a legal manor, chances are they will go right back to where they came from on a technicality.




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  • "thanks for making my mom happy, vary hard to fine people who tell truth and take care of there horses so well, he came in great health, thanks orleines daughter , renee"
  • "Dear Hugh & Jewell, Joe and I want to thank both of you for taking such good care of Missy & Autumn over the years. I was glad that we found you and that the girls were so ha..."
    Joe & Doris P. - NC
    (Excerpt from a letter)

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